Sealy Posturepedic - My Ultra Luxury Natural Latex Pillow (Soft)

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Traditional Shape Pillow
Size: 61 x 40 x 15cm thick

Gently SOFT hyper-responsive natural latex
Superior neck support & comfort
Gentle contouring for healthy spinal alignment
Effective protection against bacteria and dust mites using an intensive hot air process
Teddy bear stretch pillow zip cover for added comfort and easy wash

The difference between a natural latex pillow and a synthetic latex pillow

While out shopping for your next pillow, you might come across a synthetic latex pillow. So what’s the difference between the two? A natural latex pillow is made using only latex from the rubber tree, with no other filling materials. A synthetic latex pillow combines natural latex with various fillers and is made using petrochemicals.

Reasons to fall in love with these pillows

- Latex pillows are proven to work well for a variety of sleep positions because they’re soft and flexible while at the same time providing excellent support for the neck and spine. Whether you sleep on your back or on your sides, Sealy natural latex pillows offer great support because the material adjusts to your movement, providing a firm but soft support.

- They’re hypoallergenic with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. We use an intense hot air process to dry the latex, and this helps prevent mould, fungi, bacteria and mildew formation. It also makes the pillows more resistant to dust mites.

- Not too hot, not too cold. Latex naturally has lots of air cells between its fibers and is excellently ventilated, allowing natural latex pillows to breathe, offering temperature control on a softer sleep surface.

- Latex is a dense and elastic material, so pillows made with this material maintain their shape and softness much longer than most other pillow fillings.

- They’re easy to look after. Latex pillows don’t have to be cleaned as often as other pillows. Sealy Natural Latex Pillows come with a cotton pillow zip cover or a luxurious “teddy bear” zip off cover, which can be easily removed and washed, and the pillow itself should only ever be spot cleaned.

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Note: Available Cape Town and Gauteng only

  • Brand: Sealy
  • Condition: New

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