Warranty/Guarantee Info

Beds Direct furniture is guaranteed.

All Beds Direct products are guaranteed.
We only carry quality furniture from reputable manufacturers that rarely require utilization of the guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem, please contact us.
Have your documentation/invoices handy as this will be required by the manufacturer. Any additional supporting documentation such as photos are useful and can help expedite your claim.
The level of product knowledge required for an effective warranty claim, dictates that the manufacturer representative inspects the goods.
Small items with obvious defects can also be returned directly to us for speedier assistance.

All products are supplied with documentation or labeling that contains the details of your warranty and also who to contact in the event that service is required. Should this information not be available, please contact us for assistance.

In the event that we initiate a service call for you, Beds Direct will assist in lodging the complaint and as far as possible relay any relevant information between the parties should it be required. Each complaint is handled in accordance with the manufacturer's own internal guarantee claim process.

We'll do everything we can to minimize inconvenience.

Manufacturer Guarantees and Care Guides

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Protect A Bed - Protect A Bed Warranty
Rest Assured - Warranty and Care (Non Turn)
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Restonic - Warranty and Care
Sealy - Warranty and Care || Warranty and Care April 2019
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Strandmattress - Warranty and Care (Non Turn)
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Guarantee Explained

During the guarantee period, any problems with your bed will be rectified at the manufacturer's expense.
Kindly note however that the guarantee or warranty excludes any transport costs. Should the client require delivery of the replacement product/collection of the old one, this will be for their account.
The manufacturer will either replace or repair your bed in accordance with their guarantee policy.
The guarantee period varies between manufacturer and model. For your information, we have listed guarantee information on the products's information page.
Most of our products come with a minimum guarantee of 12 months. Some are extended to a maximum of 3 years.
The guarantee covers poor workmanship and/or material defects only.

Warranty Explained

Your warranty is in effect after your bed's guarantee period has elapsed. After which, the Manufacturer will replace or repair your bed in accordance with their warranty policy.
The warranty period varies between Manufacturer and model. We have listed beds specific warranty periods – this you can find on the bed's information page.
Warranty period varies between manufacturers and models and can range anywhere from between 1 to 25 years.

An example of how the warranty cost will be determined by the Manufacturer (as mentioned before, this will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer).
After the initial guarantee period the manufacturer will levy a service charge of 1/15th (in the case of a 15 year warranty) of their recommended retail purchase price at the time of complaint, multiplied by the number of years it's been in use.

  • Transport costs are not included under the warranty and will be levied if transport is required.
  • The warranty period is not an indication of the life span of your bed, but rather the quality. Generally, the higher the warranty, the better the quality.
  • The manufacturer will replace or repair at their discretion. Older or discontinued models will have to be replaced.
  • The warranty does not cover fair wear and tear. The warranty covers defects and /or poor workmanship only.
  • The warranty rebate in the event of replacement will only be applied against the same model bed, or current equivalent.
  • The manufacturer will only accept a guarantee or warranty claim provided that the bed is in a hygienic and clean condition and has been used in accordance to their usage specifications (max weight recommendations where applicable, usage etc), and has been maintained as per their maintenance guidelines. (turning, rotation etc).
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