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Caring for your new Mattress

Here are a few Tips to Help you Look after your New Mattress

  • Having been protected by plastic you may find your new mattress has a slight odour. This will disappear as soon as the mattress is removed from the plastic cover and aired.
  • You may find your new mattress a little too firm initially.  This is normal since your old mattress had most likely lost the support qualities which you are now experiencing from your new mattress.
  • Body impressions indicate the comfort level is conforming to your body's individual contours.  It is not a structural defect, but a normal occurance in the performance of the mattress.  Body impressions are most noticeable in the morning as the surface has been depressed for hours.  To equalise these impressions turn the mattress as illustrated.
  • Keep your bedding clean.  We recommend a mattress protector or underblanket, especially if children use the bed.
  • All Bed Manufacturers reserve the right to refuse service when the product is found to be in an unsanitary condition or when product failure is due to causes other than defective workmanship or material.

The turning sequence of a typical mattress

Proper care can extend the life of a mattress. Be sure turn your mattress over, end-to-end and side-to-side every two weeks for the first six months. After this period, turn it every month. Kindly Note: If you have purchased a "No-Turn" mattress then you would only rotate the mattress head to toe. Do not flip it over.
1st Month - Label face up at foot

care month 1

2nd Month - Label face down at foot

care month 2

3rd Month - Label face up at head

care month 3

4th Month - Label face down at head

care month 4

"Fact: Pocket Spring System - Individual springs are wrapped each in its own fabric pocket. A large number of pockets are bonded together in rows to form a pocketed spring system."
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