Choosing the Right Bed

Choosing the right bed can be challenging task if you don’t know what to look out for. We have put together some great tips to help you choose the bed sets and mattress that will give you the night's rest you need to wake up fresh and ready to go!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bed

  • Space
    Select a mattress that gives you enough room for easy, free movement, especially if you're sharing your bed with a partner. Couples should select a queen or king-size mattress to ensure both individuals have enough space to feel comfortable. The average person moves 40 to 60 times during the night and turns over completely perhaps a dozen times. Make sure the bed is big enough for you to turn comfortably. Preferably, the mattress should be at least 15cm longer than the individual using it.
  • Matching Sleep Sets
    Mattresses and their matching bases are engineered to work together. Mismatching bed sets, putting a new mattress on an old base or adding a board between the mattress and foundation will impede comfort and reduce the useful life of the mattress.
  • Value
    Buy quality beds made with all new materials. Shopping for the best value, not the lowest price is a healthy investment in your quality of life.

How long will a new mattress last?

That depends on a combination of variables that affects the length of time that a bed set will provide optimum support and comfort. Some of these variables include:
  • Quality:
    A poor-quality mattress can deteriorate quickly, while high-quality bed sets can be expected to provide comfort and support for a number of years. As with other products, you usually get what you pay for.
  • Frequency of Use:
    All things being equal, a bed set in the main bedroom that is used on a nightly, continuous basis will lose comfort more quickly than one in a guest room.
  • Weight:
    An adult who is heavy will wear out a mattress more quickly than someone who is lightweight. And because two people weigh more than one, an adult who sleeps alone will put less wear and tear on their mattress than a couple who sleep together.
  • Care:
    Proper care can extend the life of a mattress. Be sure to turn your mattress over, end-to-end and side-to-side every two weeks for the first six months. After this period, turn it every month.

"If it is taking you longer than 10-15 minutes to fall asleep, you may need a better mattress. Studies suggest that most people should be able to easily fall asleep in this time frame, if they are comfortable."
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