Cloud Nine Buyers Guide. Part 1: Why Buy Cloud Nine?

Are you considering the purchase of a Cloud Nine Mattress, but need help to decide which one? If so, then here's an article you must read!

When considering which mattress to buy there are many factors to take into account. Your sleep comfort depends on this - no matter which mattress you buy. The whole point is that your sleep (and life) is better for it!

Almost all mattress manufacturers have a wide range of models available within their particular brand. These models differ from each other in ways that can make all the difference between getting the sleep you deserve or being left tired and sore instead.

Cloud Nine is no exception, so it's important when considering the purchase of a Cloud Nine bed that you not only understand the difference between Cloud Nine and other makes, but also the difference between the various Cloud Nine models available.

What is a Cloud Nine Mattress and how does it differ from other makes?

The Support Core Construction:

Cloud Nine mattresses do not contain any springs or steel at all. No springs at all? That's right... They are made up completely of foam. The core support and comfort layers within the mattress are made of foam. In a spring mattress, the support core is made up of steel springs.

This is a fundamental difference between a Cloud Nine mattresses and spring mattresses, and it's felt immediately when you lay on the mattress. The mattress has no bounce at all and feels completely rigid. There is very little "give". The high density reconstituted foam posture support core does not flex or compress and rebound in the same way a spring mattress would.

No matter which model you test this is true of any Cloud Nine and it works to your benefit! This is how come Cloud Nine guarantees that in any model you buy there will be no partner disturbance. Whether it be an entry level or top of the range model you will not be disturbed by a restless partner. In addition, the mattress will never squeak!

Every Cloud Nine is Orthopedic:

Thanks to the high density support core which limits excessive flex and unwanted deformation the mattress offers excellent support. The core is firm and helps to maintain the rigidity of the mattress. Since it's made from high-density foam with these characteristics it's especially good at providing support for your body and aids in the correct alignment of your spine.
The term "orthopaedic" is heavily abused and used too easily (even deceptively) when referring to cheap mattresses that are clearly not supportive.

Buyer beware: It's absolutely essential that you buy a trusted mattress brand. Don't be fooled into thinking that a cheap mattress is orthopaedic. The Cloud Nine Mattress brand is recommended by chiropractors.

In summary we've looked at the fundamental reasons why a Cloud Nine mattress is different from a spring mattress and also a better option than a cheaper foam mattress alternative. If you're still reading that means you must be interested in purchasing a quality orthopedic mattress that is supportive and durable.

In part 2 we'll look the options available within the Cloud Nine range and how a specific model's comfort layers can change the feel and support level of the mattress. Everyone is different and your comfort preferences and support requirements are unique. This is where we begin to determine the right Cloud Nine Mattress for You!

Part 2: Which Cloud Nine Mattress will Provide the Support that I Need?

"Tip: A quality mattress protector will prevent soiling of your mattress and promote a healthier sleep environment. The protective layer should be waterproof and also allow air circulation for comfort."
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